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The City of Cleveland is exploring the feasibility of implementing a bike share system. While we are still in the exploratory phase of bike sharing in Cleveland, we would like to hear from you. Please use this website to learn more about the project, about bike sharing and about the possibilities that bike sharing represents for the City of Cleveland.

To learn more about the project, about what bike share is, to make your voice heard, or to make a suggestion about possible locations for bike sharing stations please click on the links.  Lastly, please take our short survey!


Our public forum was held on April 24, 2013 at 6:00 p.m.  You can download a PDF of the presentation here.

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  1. I really like the idea! I took the survey and you didn’t have a place for a general comment/suggestion, and didn’t ask this question so I will just say that I would increase the amount of time that someone can use the bike before incurring fees. Most trips take longer than one hour-i.e. going to the grocery store can take one hour just for the shopping, someone might go to the library to use the computer for one hour and then go back, if someone is using it for recreation they might want to go on the tow path for the afternoon. I would suggest 2-3 hours. I think this will make it more accessible to people with lower/limited incomes, which means more people will actually use it.

  2. Bike paths down town should labeled. Hotel bike maps will also be useful. San Francisco hotels does this for guests. For example, the Flats, Superior/Detroit to the Westside Market, and W. 3rd to Brown Stadium, through North/South Marginals, lake front parks, to University Circle.

  3. Integrated Cycling

    I will be transplanting to Cleveland lat August and I am very excited to come into a city that is taking urban cycling to another level. It is very refreshing.

    I lived in Madison, WI for some time and they implemented a bike-share program. It had a few hiccups, too expensive at first, and the terms of service were a little odd. The hard thing to accomplish – in my mind – is the perfect balance of opportunity and penalty for a non-returned bike. Consider putting a GPS chip on the bikes. It will save you immense costs. This is going to be a great program! Keep going, Cleveland!

  4. I recently visited Louisville where they have the bike share program. It was fantastic and a wonderful and convenient way to get around downtown . Looking forward to Cleveland catching up with other cities !!!

  5. Carol Chappell

    I would not need this.myself as I have my own bike but we would need to help both cars as nd bikes learn to share…too many fools with one or the other

  6. Maureen Browne

    Bikeshare in Cleveland sounds great!
    Can it be implemented before I am a grandmother?

  7. It would be awesome and cutting edge if Cleveland’s bikeshare program was compatible with the RTA system more so than just bikes located at each station. In DC, individuals have the option to purchase paper fare cards or a smartrip card. Individuals can also purchase keys to the Capital Bikeshare bikes. It would be awesome and a true extension of public transportation if Cleveland linked these two systems. The Cleveland version of the smartrip card would pay for both RTA transport and bikeshare usage. Individuals could sign up for (discounted/subscription) annual usage for their most used public transit option(s), but still have easy, unified access to the other options.

    This would make me really excited to move back home – though just having a bikeshare program would probably be enough to make me happy.

    Also, I also have a fondness for the name Cleveland Cycs or City Cycs. People could say I’m going to grab a “cyc” which would differentiate it from a personal bike. And it’s just fun to say!

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